【Sam Feldt】7月8月のツアーキャンセルを発表!

オランダ出身DJ/プロデューサーSam Feldtがスクーターとの事故に巻き込まれ足の一部と膝を骨折した事を発表し1週間たち、SNSで7月8月のツアーキャンセルを発表しました。

Sam Feldtは今後7月12日に手術を受け、6週間の安静とリハビリが必要という事です。出演予定だった、7月20日(金)21日(土)22日(日)7月27日(金)28日(土)29日(日)ベルギーで開催されるTomorrowland、7月29日タイで開催されるSensation Bangkokなど8月23日までサマーツアーはキャンセルとなりました。




Dear fans, Thanks for all the love and support – as you might have noticed I have been off the radar for the past week to rest and to process what has happened. Your kind words and well-wishes really helped me a lot. I just came back from the hospital and received some more info from the doctors. Unfortunately, during my recent scooter accident I sustained a tibial plateau fracture, which is a nasty break in the upper part of my lower leg. I need surgery to be able to heal properly, which is scheduled for Thursday July 12th. After surgery, at least 6 weeks of rest and revalidation are needed. Therefore I’m very sad to announce I won’t be playing any of the announced shows until the 23rd of August. I’ll keep you updated about my surgery and recovery and when there is news to share you guys will be the first to know. I can’t put into words how sad I am about cancelling these shows and the whole situation. I am deeply sorry to all my fans that were looking forward to seeing me and the band live. Me and my team are working really hard together with promoters to reschedule the shows to a later date. All I can do now is take my rest and hope for a smooth and good recovery. I can’t wait for the moment to rock on stage once again! Much love, Sam Feldt ♥️

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